This year’s Art & Design Issue of Block Club focused on the reuse of old objects and the revitalizing power of art. Artist Patti Harris was quoted, saying, “I feel like this old stuff needs to be brought back, or that it needs to be remembered, or utilized, or shown that it is quite beautiful. Or that you can make it beautiful.”

Indeed, the same notion applies to the power of public art - the reclaiming of the monochrome urban landscape as something more reflective of the vivid undercurrent and heartbeat of city life. 

Here Comes the Neighborhood is a wonderful short-form docuseries that explores the power of public art. This installment focuses on the Wynwood Wall of Miami, following the key players of this outdoor street museum project.

It would be truly amazing to see a similar effort unfold across Buffalo’s urban canvas - lush with fantastic old warehouses and grain elevators. Buffalo News arts writer Colin Dabkowski explored the public art of Buffalo last year, lamenting the government’s slight of the vibrant artistic community that thrives in our city. Perhaps Buffalo, in time, can too see a successful public reclaiming and reuse of its urban landscape - have you checked out Omaha lately?

- Maggie