Block Club: Single(s) and Ready to Mingle

What are the sounds of this week’s Block Heads? Let’s hit it.


I’ve got the new Real Estate (Days) and M83 (Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming) albums on non stop. No specific tracks– they’re all good.

(Check out Real Estate’s “It’s Real” (above), and head over here if you’d like to hear the entire m83 album streaming in full, plus an interview with Anthony Gonzalez.)


I’ve been carrying around Blackbird Blackbird’s “Blind” and the Niva remix of their “Hawaii” all week, with Oregon Bike Trails’ "High School Lover" in my back pocket for when I need a fun jumpstart.

Patrick Simons:

For the last week or two, I’ve been constantly listening to this old beat by The Heatmakerz and another one of these freestyles from Wiley. I also can’t stop listening to the songs "NBA" by Chromatics and "Some Constellation" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Also recommended - Ifan Dafydd with Amy Winehouse’s “No Good.”


I’ve been really getting back into my favorite late autumn/winter albums lately. I rediscovered Department of Eagles In Ear Park this week after a two year listening hiatus. This whole album really centers me and the fourth track, Teenagers, in particular, is such a great song for the November transition into colder, dead leafy kind of days.

On a completely different, 100% serious note, I have been listening to Beyonce’s Countdown nonstop for the last week and a half. The song and video for it are fantastic. Get it girl.