I went to an apartment art party last night. It was an art show in an apartment. An ap-art-ment party. An ap-art-ment p-art-y. Very vogue. Very pomo. Very smelly. Heat + art bodies = Febreeze.

Cool idea, and a cool space to boot. What you think is the kitchen is really a bathroom, with a huge tub. And what you think is a straight, normal wall is really a curved wall. Surprises all around.

I appreciate seeing art in unexpected places, even places that normally might have art. (Even the most gallery-like apartments don’t open their doors to the public.) Organizers infused an empty second-floor living space with the work of a half-dozen or so local artists, plus a killer film-painting-sax-improv piece by one Mr. Pat Cain.

The apartment was sweet, too. The landlord, who lives downstairs, says a new tenant is moving in upstairs, so who knows if this night will happen again anytime soon, but it should. Also, there’s teeth (or flames?) on the crown molding, and the new tenant makes honey, so there’s that.

Thanks for the unexpected, ap-art-ment peo-ple.