So we’ve been in the midst of developing a website for our friends at Conflict Kitchen down in Pittsburgh, PA. The idea behind Conflict Kitchen is that they only serve food from countries with which the United States is in conflict. The restaurant rotates its menu, decor, look and packaging every six months. They have previously served Cuban, Venezuelan, Afgani and Iranian foods. It’s a pretty interesting way to start a conversation about a subject which many folks may consider to be sensitive. You learn a lot about another culture over food and we want to help keep that conversation going after you’ve left the table.

We were approached by Co-Director of Conflict Kitchen, Jon Rubin, to help redesign their website. The site is currently off getting programmed and this is a little sneak peak. We wanted to keep the site very minimal, allowing for the functionality, colors and patterns to take center stage. We drew inspiration stylistically and functionality from several sites that both Jon and us Block Club folk thought would work well for their site: | |

Looking forward to seeing it live, and believe me we’ll let you know too.