Wendy MacNaughton recently published her "Snacks of the Great Scribblers" in the New York Times’ sketchbook this summer, a wonderful illustration I’ve found myself returning to several times since. From the plainly mundane to the quirky and exotic, these delightfully small details offer a personal peek into the day-to-day processes of a few giant minds - fostering a happy feeling of shared humanity in our daily plays for comfort, sustenance, distraction, and inspiration, as our creative hours blend into the blurry lines of our mealtimes.

Heyyyyy Block Club, what are your go-to snacks? Poke your finger to the screen if you love Scribbler Snacks! (We’ve installed super complex touch technology on every computer on the entire planet for this post.)

What do you like to indulge in when you’re sitting back and mulling over ideas - your go-to(s) when you need a little reward or inspiration?  

"My go-to snack at all times is hummus, typically shared with two dogs (who lick it off of my fingers when I’m finished)." - Dave

"Anything with crunch. I need the snap of a carrot or the crisp of a pretzel to get my mind working. And nothing is more refreshing and cleansing than a big glass of water." - Ben

"I don’t really have any mid day snacks I swear by, but I do love doughnuts. Sometimes I’ll stop and get a dozen from Famous Doughnuts on Main Street and bring them in for the office. I just finished a doughnut I got from Famous this morning before I started typing this. It was Bavarian cream, but more often than not, I get plain glazed rings. Other than that, a lot of water, some tea (right now I’ve got maple strawberry in the cupboard), or some almonds." - Patrick Simons

"I have absolutely no self control when it comes to sweets. If anybody at Block Club brings cookies into the office, I eat most all of them.” - Brandon 

"You can often find me snacking on pretzel rods here at the office and at home, for that matter. In terms of a drink I like to have an espresso at 2:00pm everyday. I find that helps get through the second part of the day a bit easier :)" - Steve

"Until my gluten free diet I lived on pretzels - now I love dried fruit, especially dried mango!  I can eat that at any time of the day.  The only other thing that helps me through the day is hot water - yep, hot water.  I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw the bodum kettle in our office - maybe it’s the act of getting up and away from my desk when I walk into the kitchen for the hot water or simply the fact that I find a hot drink comforting - who knows, but it works!" - Marilyn

"I’d say for me it’s peanut butter for when I’m antsy and need a food distraction." - Patrick Finan

"I eat an apple-a-day almost everyday around 4 o’clock. Not because I want to keep the doctor away (lie) but because I heard somewhere once that an apple wakes you up as much as a cup of coffee. I’m not sure if that is a fact, but I’ve entered it into Julie’s Book of Psychosomatic Super True Science anyway. After a constant rotation of hot drinks all day, I am ready for something refreshing by mid-afternoon and a cold apple from the fridge is perfect.” - Julie

"A big bowl of blueberries! Started as a study habit in college and has stuck as my go-to for papers and writing ever since. And if you caught me this fall working on some evening tumblr posts, I’d be settling into a few of my endlessly open twenty-or-so unread Chrome tabs (ahhhh), a big apple (shout out to Julie’s Super True Science), and a cozy cappuccino pick-me-up. Mmm!”  - Maggie

What’s your go-to?